Riot Games releases multiple new skin thematics in League of Legends each year in an attempt to diversify the cosmetics available for each champion in the game. While not all of the thematics meet their mark, some become very successful and gain widespread support from fans hoping they’ll return at some point in the future.

A Reddit user created a concept for a new Veigar skin that fits the new Arcana thematic released in League just last year. This skin line depicted Camille, Xerath, Lucian, and Tahm Kench in new gothic-themed fashion, taking inspiration from the designs present on tarot cards.

In this Arcana Veigar fan concept, Veigar looks much more like a wizard than how he appears in his base skin. His signature hat has become much more sinister in appearance, and one of his hands glows bright orange, as if corrupted by the magic that he uses. The artist also showcased the model and abilities of this concept, keeping with this eerie orange glow in all parts of his kit.

The artist’s rendition of an Arcana Veigar skin seems to resemble the character Vivi, a Black Mage from Final Fantasy IX, complete with his face shrouded underneath a large hat. The concept also closely resembles a Heartless from the Kingdom Heart series, complete with beady yellow eyes.

The Arcana thematic, while becoming instantly popular with fans due to the potential it has to showcase champions with few skins in a new light, has not returned to League since its release in 2021. It’s unclear if this skin line will return in the near future.

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