It’s not uncommon for players of any game to become attached to a character, whether that be for their looks, their stories, their gameplay, or a combination of it all. With Overwatch’s extensive cast of playable heroes, each hero has dedicated fan bases of their own.

One fan took their love for one of Overwatch’s heroes to the next level, gracing their body with a permanent image of their favorite omnic monk, as seen on Reddit. Despite Zenyatta’s rather intricate design, this tattoo depicts the support hero in all of his glory.

Zenyatta dons his Nutcracker skin in this tattoo, a skin released a few years ago as part of the annual Winter Wonderland holiday-themed event. The omnic looks almost unrecognizable in this skin, but his floating body and stash of orbs make it clear that underneath this festive garb is a powerful support hero.

The tattoo also includes some of the smallest details that are present on Zenyatta’s Nutcracker skin. From the bells on his boots to the fluffiness of his mustache, this artist made sure to give this fan a permanent drawing of their favorite character that they could look at and smile. The fan also said that, because of how much they love Zenyatta, they also earned enough points to get his golden weapon.

The Nutcracker skin for Zenyatta is event-exclusive, only available during Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland and Anniversary events through loot boxes and direct purchase for in-game currency. The visual can’t be obtained outside of these events.