Smite Janna top lane is the latest anomaly in League of Legends.

Your game plan is simple when it comes to the obscure pick. You stay in the lane for the first couple of minutes until you reach level three. Afterward, you join your jungler and make the game for other laners a nightmare, while at the same time cashing in thanks to the objective bounty reward system.

Recent changes have led to Janna cementing herself as one of the best champions in solo queue. Nevertheless, there are some champions that counter her.

Here are some of the best Janna top counters in League of Legends, according to a stat site


Image via Riot Games

Rengar currently boasts the highest win rate against Janna top at 56.5 percent. His assassin-orientated kit and high burst damage allow him to eliminate Janna in the latter stages of the game, taking away her capabilities in teamfight situations. He’s also one of the better roaming champs, and players are able to respond to Janna and her jungler’s aggression early while pushing the top lane in an impressive manner.


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Hypercarries are some of the toughest champions to play against in League. Zeri currently has a 55.56 percent win rate against Janna. With the open lane created by the matchup, Zeri is able to reach her power spike faster than normal, allowing her to single-handedly carry teamfights past the 20-minute mark.


Image via Riot Games

Yorick is rarely ever mentioned when it comes to counter lists. But he shines against Janna top. When left on his own, he’s able to scale well and carry fights. Yorick currently has a 51.5 percent win rate against Janna.


Image via Riot Games

Kayle is another champ who scales enormously well into the late game. With an open lane, she can reach her power spike much faster than she should. With her kit, pushing towers won’t be a problem. Kayle currently has a 50.77 percent win rate against Janna.


Image via Riot Games

Most League players should already know how tough it is to play against a fed Yone. On this champ, players can carry the game on their own. Who needs kills when you have all the turret plates and farm in the world? Players can take their time and build their first two items in a blink of an eye. Yone currently has a 49.88 percent win rate when matched against Janna.

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