Zeri has been in League of Legends for some time now. The Spark of Zaun was designed to be a traditional AD carry who shines the most in the late game when she can stack her ultimate and wreak havoc on the Summoner’s Rift.

Because of her kit, many players have been building items that boost her movement speed, attack speed, and attack damage. Once Zeri gets to the late game, one thing is for certain; teamfighting won’t be easy for the opposing team.

But Zeri isn’t without her counters. After all, League is a game that’s constantly in a state of balance. Some champions can delete the Spark of Zaun in the blink of an eye.

Here are some of the best Zeri counters in League of Legends, according to a stat site u.gg.


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When it comes to squishy hypercarries, there are no better champions to counter them than Veigar. With his burst damage, players should be able to take out Zeri with a simple W and R combo. What’s more, Veigar has one of the better crowd control tools in the game in a form of Event Horizon (E), which is particularly strong against the mobile Zeri. Currently, Veigar has the highest win rate against Zeria with 51.9 percent.


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Sometimes it’s best to fight fire with fire. Vayne is another great AD carry in the late game. Although, this isn’t the sole reason why she’s on this list. She is also extremely mobile, and her kit allows her to eliminate enemies in one-vs-one situations. Vayne’s Condemn (E) is especially useful since once you impale Zeri, you’ll have the window to finish her off. The Night Hunter currently boasts a 49.52 percent win rate against the Spark of Zaun.


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If you can’t CC a champion, why not ambush them? Zeri players most likely won’t build to survive. With high enough damage and range, you can send her back to the fountain in a matter of seconds. And Twitch has everything he needs to do this. His Contaminate (E) and Spray and Pray (R) wombo combo should be enough to delete Zeri before she can react. The Plague Rat currently has a 49.14 percent win rate against Zeri.


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Not every game has to get past the 30-minute mark. Your game will sometimes rely on early power spikes. And Draven has one of the best early power spikes. From the first few minutes of the game, he can bully Zeri in the landing phase, making her life miserable. Draven currently has the highest gold difference at 15 minutes against Zeri (+704).


Image via Riot Games

Similar to Draven, with the right support, Kalista has all the tools she needs to dominate Zeri. She’s mobile, so even when she reaches the late game, Kalista can still hold her own and deal out damage. She currently has a 560 gold difference at 15 minutes.

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