League of Legends is packed full of eyebrow-raising interactions. They often stem from bugs, but they’re sometimes naturally discovered by players.

This new interaction between Camille’s The Hextech Ultimatum (R) and an enemy champion (Ashe in this case), appears to be the former. It was first discovered by a streamer called Kadeem718.

The clip in question began with Kadeem entering the Red Buff area in the bottom side of jungle while playing Ashe. This is when the enemy Camille appeared with the buff on herself, which led to nothing but trouble for the marksman.

Camille quickly closed the gap with Hookshot (E) and harassed Ashe with a few basic attacks, as well as a Precision Protocol (Q). Kadeem dropped below 300 health and was about to be finished off by Camille’s ultimate ability but flashed to escape across the other side of the wall.

The area set by Camille’s The Hextech Ultimatum is intended to be inescapable. But Ashe somehow managed to flash, and the enemy champ quickly followed her with her ult.

Kadeem was as stunned as most viewers probably were and responded with a short “What?” that perfectly embodies everyone’s feelings. But while the interaction was satisfying to watch, it’s most likely due to some sort of bug.

All in all, the escape didn’t have much influence on the game, since the match was still lost by Kadeem’s team, according to op.gg.