Are you looking for a new competitive challenge in Fortnite? Looking to be rewarded with exclusive in-game items by accomplishing that challenge? Then look no further than the Stoneheart Trials, a new limited-time event that lets you earn exclusive items by placing well in Battle Royale matches.

But there are a couple of extra steps involved to sign up and earn progress before you jump straight into matches. Here’s everything you need to know.

Before loading up your game, you have to go to the Stoneheart Trials page and sign up first. Head there and click Log In, then sign in with your Epic Games account. It should take you right back to the website after. Just by signing in, you’ll earn a Badge and your first reward: the Doomed Affair spray.

To earn more badges, you’ll have to play Battle Royale matches in Solos, Duos, Trios, or Squads, and finish in the top 10. For every two top-10 finishes, you’ll earn one badge. At six badges (12 top-10 finishes), you’ll earn the Hearty wrap. At 11 badges (22 top-10 finishes), you’ll earn the Thorns of Passion pickaxe.

Image via Epic Games

Players can also get the Grim Devotion emoticon by testing and voting for their favorite highlighted Creative map designed by one of six French creators. The codes for each of the maps are all on the Stoneheart Trials page.

The Stoneheart Trials event ends on Feb. 20 at 11am CT.