Keeping with the tradition of the last few years, League of Legends is once again releasing bee-themed skins to celebrate the start of spring, turning some recognizable champions into un-bee-lieveable versions of themselves.

This year, Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Nunu and Willump, and Orianna are the recipients of bee skins. The skins give these champions lots of honey to toy with and continue the puns for names trend associated with the thematic that will leave fans buzzing for more.

Ziggs, unsurprisingly, throws bees instead of bombs in his skin, known as “BZZZiggs.” He takes the appearance of a tiny bee, taking the time to do a little dance in his recall while also being chased by much smaller bees.

The “Heimerstinger” skin for Heimerdinger, while turning the champion into a bee, focuses more on the look and feel of his turrets. Heimerdinger’s regular turrets turn into bees as well and shoot globs of honey at nearby enemies. The upgraded turret with his ultimate looks like a queen bee, shooting more powerful balls of honey at a slower rate.

Willump becomes a giant monstrous bee in the champion’s “Nunu and Beelump” skin. His snowball turns into a giant ball of honey rolled across the ground at lightning speed, while his ultimate turns the ground into a sticky honeycomb that eventually explodes. Nunu sits on the monster’s back, having also turned into a bee, showing his new ability to fly in their recall animation.

Instead of becoming a bee herself, Orianna’s ball becomes the fuzzy friend—with another one inside according to her new splash art. When the ball travels, it shoots out globs of honey on unsuspecting enemies, though interestingly speeds up herself and her allies. The skin, known as “Orbeeana,” highlights Orianna’s attempts to bring cheer with her bee friends, celebrating the coming of the spring season with deep honey yellow particle effects on all of her abilities.

These new bee-themed skins should be released soon on the PBE. It’s expected that they’ll be released as part of League Patch 12.5 in early March.