After dominating the LFL for the past three seasons, the defending European Masters champions are not even going to attend this summer’s tournament.

Following a 3-1 series loss to GameWard in the 2022 Summer Playoffs, Karmine Corp will not be attending European Masters later this month. This is the most disappointing end to a season for the organization so far, especially after their blazing trail of destruction starting last year.

Since their LFL debut, the team won three European Masters trophies in a row, but will now watch the event from the sidelines to end their year.

Since 2021, KC finished top three in the LFL, with impressive records to back up their claims to be the best team in Europe’s tier two scene. The organization has seen multiple former members make the jump up to the LEC, like Team BDS’ jungler Cinkrof and marksman xMatty, along with G2 Esports’ rising star support, Targamas.

This year, however, they decided to field a team featuring some big-name veterans to continue their march towards greatness.

With players like veteran top laner Cabochard and superstar AD carry Rekkles highlighting their talented lineup, many people assumed the Blue Wall would continue its reign of terror over not just the LFL, but the European Masters circuit as well.

That fear was realized—for a moment—when KC won 2022 Spring EU Masters, but after a lackluster performance this summer, doubt has finally settled with the fanbase.

The team didn’t have the same level of dominance as we’ve seen in season’s past, exemplified through a significant drop in the team’s average gold difference at 15 minutes and their lowered neutral objective control rates. In fact, Karmine Corp had some of the lowest Baron and dragon control rates that we’ve seen from them since their debut in the league, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

Karmine Corp’s mid laner Saken is the only player with an expiring contract this year, so there is a good chance that the team sticks with a majority of their core roster for next year. However, this recent failure might be incentive to make some changes so that they can return to the top of the mountain in 2023.