Find yourself a partner, spartan. Halo Infinite is getting a Ranked Doubles playlist that will be added as part of an Aug. 23 update, according to a dev post from the Halo Infinite team released today.

The Ranked Doubles playlist is set to launch two weeks after the upcoming Drop Pod update scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 9, meaning that that Ranked Doubles playlist will officially release on Aug. 23. The Ranked Doubles playlist will also be accompanied by the social Team Doubles playlist for “twice the 2v2 fun.” The launch of Ranked Doubles will coincide with a Halo Infinite competitive skill rank (CSR) reset.

This will be the first new ranked playlist to be added to Halo Infinite since launch.

The Drop Pod preview post says that most of the Aug. 9 Drop Pod update features “groundwork” for improved quality-of-life features, like region select and the ability for 343 to easily “implement more Ranked playlists moving forward.” The Halo Infinite team also said that they will continue experimenting with adding more ranked playlists in the future and will be monitoring the health of Ranked Doubles post-launch.

The full patch notes for the Aug. 9 Drop Pod will release when the update goes live, which will give fans a better idea of the maps and game modes that will be included in the Ranked Doubles and social Team Doubles playlists.

The Aug. 9 Drop Pod will also update all helmet visors to be able to work on all armor cores.