When it looked like the team was in store for another late series collapse, the FaZe Clan VALORANT roster rallied to close out a series win versus rivals 100 Thieves today in the upper bracket of the NA Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), propelled by an incredible map three performance by babybay.

FaZe now move within striking distance of a trip to VCT Champions 2022.

Both teams broke out mirror comps on Haven, each relying on the Fade/Raze combo on attack and the Sage/Chamber on defense rounded with control from Omen. 100T won pistol round, but an ambitious second-round force went the way of FaZe, jumpstarting their attack. FaZe’s plan was attack B site routinely, and they carried out that plan while winning a vast majority of duels to take an 8-4 lead at the half.

FaZe claimed the pistol and anti-eco round after switching to defense and even after the full buys came out, FaZe was able to smother the 100T attack.

Supamen anchored the site defense for FaZe, finishing 100T off with a 4K on the C site in a commanding 13–6 win on 100T’s pick. He posted a 22/9/10 KDA on map one.

100T got off to a much needed strong start on their defensive side of Breeze, claiming the first five rounds and preventing FaZe from getting many kills or plants thanks to a strong start from Will on Jett. FaZe’s first round on attack came on a plucky thrifty round off the back of babybay’s Jett knives and Sheriffs.

Babybay’s playmaking alone was key to FaZe putting some attack rounds on the board, but 100T closed out with a couple more clean defensive rounds to take an 8–4 lead into the second half.

A handful of Derrek clutches increased the 100T lead to 10–4 and that lead improved to 11–4 before a FaZe timeout. Babybay came out firing after that timeout and huge clutches from flyuh reduced the 100T lead to just four rounds. Eventually, 100T pulled themselves across the finish line (13–8) to send it to Ascent.

100T kept the momentum up on Ascent, dominating their defensive side. Asuna on KAY/O led the way for the 100T side, anchoring site defenses and retakes with 14 kills and nine assists in the first half en route to a 9–3 lead for 100T.

But FaZe wouldn’t let 100T run away with the win. Babybay, dicey, supamen, and POISED all stepped up early individually for FaZe after switching to defense, suffocating the 100T attack and reducing the 9–3 lead to a 9–9 tie before taking the lead themselves.

Babybay continued to deliver huge multi-kills for FaZe, propelling his team to a flawless defensive half, a 13–9 win on Ascent, and a 2–1 series win.

Coincidentally, it was 100T that succumbed to the 9–3 curse against FaZe on Ascent, after FaZe fell to the curse twice during a Stage Two playoff series.

FaZe, who has had trouble closing out second halves during Stage Two, looked much more confident after half-time across all three maps. Both FaZe and 100T are experiencing resurgent performances after lackluster showings during Stage One this year.

FaZe moves on to take on The Guard in the upper bracket final, while 100 Thieves gets sent down to the lower bracket to face Sentinels.