Apex Legends fans will have to wait until the shooter’s 15th season if they want to play on Olympus. The map will not be in either the casual or the ranked rotation for Apex‘s upcoming season, Hunted, as confirmed today in the season 14 patch notes. This will be the map’s first long absence since season 11.

While Respawn Entertainment confirmed Kings Canyon and Storm Point would be in the ranked pool in a report from The Loadout, fans still hoped Olympus would feature in the casual rotation. Today’s patch notes, however, revealed the Psamathe map won’t be a part of the casual rotation either, marking its season-long absence once Hunted kicks off tomorrow.

The last time Olympus sat out for good was during season 11, which debuted Storm Point. The crowded map pool had developers put Apex’s floating arena on the bench, though it wasn’t long until fans started to miss its sights.

The map returned during season 12 with two new POIs and a new map toy. Its new look was also heavily tied into the story and brought Mad Maggie (the season 12 legend) into the center of a conspiracy concocted by Octane’s father, Duardo Silva. At the time, Olympus was one of two maps in the ranked rotation, as is Respawn’s custom for newly updated maps. Before that, Respawn also tweaked Olympus in season nine, giving it an infested overhaul that also tied into the lore at the time (and was also masterminded by Duardo Silva for his nefarious purposes—we’re seeing a trend here).

Olympus stayed in rotation with the release of season 13, which overhauled Storm Point. The ranked splits in season 13 featured the updated Storm Point as the first map and World’s Edge on the latter half, though Olympus is still available in casual modes until tomorrow.

Olympus is one of the most unique maps in Apex, bringing fans into a former technological hub that was evacuated after the Rift was created. It was a lavish colony for the wealthy until the Syndicate turned it into an arena for the Apex Games. To some, its uniqueness lies in its breathtaking views, its lively, grassy areas and marvelous skybox, and its allure as a map that actively looks like a high-end city, as opposed to the deserted wastelands of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Apex‘s season 14, Hunted, kicks off tomorrow and will also debut the new legend Vantage, as well as a series of balancing adjustments. Though unfortunately for Olympus players, it’s not bringing the popular map this time around.