The popular legend Valkyrie is getting nerfed in the new season of Apex Legends, which releases tomorrow, while less-loved legends like Newcastle and Mad Maggie are receiving some big buffs.

In the patch notes for season 14 of Apex released today, Respawn detailed a series of changes that will slightly decrease Valkyrie’s effectiveness. The missile-spewing, jetpack-using recon legend will have all of her abilities affected except her scanning passives, which remain untouched. Most of these changes are minor, making them unlikely to convince players to ditch the versatile and powerful character.

Still, Valkyrie’s jump jets will now accelerate more slowly and use 33 percent more fuel. She will also be more affected when hit in the air by items and abilities that have slowing effects, though that’s hardly a common scenario. Perhaps more significantly, her missiles will no longer have a turning and aiming slowdown when enemies are hit by them. And though opponents will continue to move slowly when hit by Valkyrie’s missiles, the movement debuff was decreased in duration. The missiles will also create smaller explosions, making it harder for Valkyrie players to connect when they use the ability. Valkyrie’s ultimate is also getting a nerf. Her Skyward Dive will have 25 percent less height, making it slightly less useful but still one of the best abilities in the game.

While Valkyrie’s changes won’t move the needle much, other legends have become more viable and will likely attract higher pick rates going into season 14.

Newcastle leads the charge in this department, with buffs to his revive shield, tactical shield, and ultimate.

He will move faster when he drags teammates out of harm’s way, and the white and blue knockdown shields he uses will have 50 more HP. His tactical shield is getting a 150 HP boost and will now move twice as fast when it’s deployed or redirected. Finally, Newcastle’s ultimate wall will have extra punch when enemies hit its electrical barrier. Newcastle was already a strong legend despite his low pick rate, and these changes make him even more viable for players who want to give him a shot.

Mad Maggie is the other legend who got a significant buff in these patch notes. The speed of her tactical drill was doubled, giving that ability much more utility for the average player. Maggie’s ultimate, her Wrecking Ball, has received a complete rework that promises to overwhelm defensive legends much more easily. The Wrecking Ball will travel twice as far and last twice as long. Crucially, it will now damage Newcastle and Rampart walls, as well as other destroyable abilities like Loba’s Black Market. Best of all, Maggie’s ultimate will now destroy Gibraltar’s dome outright, making good on her promise as a legend meant to counter the strongest defensive setups in the game.

Other legends received more minor touches in the patch notes, but these three seem to be the most noteworthy. Valkyrie’s nerfs will probably have little effect, but watch for lots more of Mad Maggie and Newcastle in the new Apex season starting tomorrow.